Gender Equality Plan (GEP )

Foundation Sizigija has strategy to promote and ensure gender equality in an organization.
Dedicated human resources to implement the GEP effectively.

Data collection and monitoring, collection of sex/gender-disaggregated data on personnel and students
to identify areas of gender inequality and track progress over time.

Training that involves raising awareness and providing training on gender equality and unconscious
gender biases for staff and decision-makers.

Areas covered and addressed:

Work-life balance and organizational culture by promoting flexible working arrangements, such as
telecommuting, job-sharing, and parental leave, support employees in balancing their work and
personal responsibilities, creating a positive and inclusive organizational culture that values diversity and
promotes gender equality.

Gender balance in leadership and decision-making by promoting the participation and representation of
women in leadership positions and decision-making processes.

Gender equality in recruitment and career progression by promoting gender equality in recruitment and
selection processes, job advertisements, shortlisting, and interviewing, promoting equal opportunities
for career progression and development for all employees, regardless of gender.

Integration of the gender dimension into research and teaching content by integrating a gender
perspective into research and teaching content across all disciplines to promote gender equality and

Measures against gender-based violence, including sexual harassment by putting in place measures to
prevent and address gender-based violence, including sexual harassment, in the workplace and training
for staff and managers on how to prevent it.